Hamlet woodturning tools

Eli Avisera Tools

All gouges have a double bevel and very well swept back "wings", making them much more adaptable and easy to control, also enabling them to be used for planning cuts.

Code Width (") Description
HCT401 1/4 Round Bar Combination Tool.
HCT402 3/8 Round Bar Combination Tool
HCT403 1/8 Parting Tool, Convex Bevel
HCT404 3/8 Rolled Edge Beading Tool
HCT405 1/2 Rolled Edge Skew Chisel, Convex Bevel
HCT406 3/4 Rolled Edge Skew Chisel, Convex Bevel
HCT407 3/8 Short Gouge
HCT408 3/8 Detail Gouge
HCT409 1/2 Detail Gouge
HCT410 1/2 Deep Flute Bowl Gouge
HCT411 5/8 Deep Flute Bowl/Roughing Gouge
HCT412 5/8 Round Bar Combination Tool
HCT413 3/4 Half Round Combination Tool

More special turning tools:


Detail gouges for very fine point work between spindles.
boxes with ornamentation made using the Hamlet chatter tool
woodturning hook tools
woodcarving tools