Hamlet woodturning tools

Heavy Duty Deep Hollowing Tool

Hamlet deep hollowing and
multi-turning tool system with cutters developed by Nikos Siragas
This system, originally designed for deep hollowing with its swivel tips, is extremely versatile and with its many interchangeble tools, can be used for almost any turning project. Used and recommended by professional woodturners worldwide.
Little Brother
Complete set consisting of Small Multi Handle, Small Cutter (designed by Nikos Siragas), Small Edge Protector and a Small Stem
Big Brother
Complete set consisting of Multi Handle (26"), Cutter (designed by Nikos Siragas), Edge Protector and a Stem
Spares to fit the above
Small Cutter to fit Little and Big Brother
Small Edge Protector to fit Little Brother
HCT603 Edge Protector to fit Big Brother
HCT607 Small Stem to fit either Little Brother or Big Brother
HCT608 Small Swan Stem to
fit either Little Brother
or Big Brother
HCT604 Stem to fit Big Brother
HCT604A Large Curved Stem to fit Big Brother
Made from M2 steel and available with Beech or Ash Handles as standard and Rosewood Handles at an extra charge

Some tools also available in ASP2030 & ASP2060
"" Brother System 2 Deep Hollowing Tool Now Available

Detail gouges for very fine point work between spindles.
boxes with ornamentation made using the Hamlet chatter tool
woodturning hook tools
woodcarving tools