Hamlet woodturning tools

Chatter Tool (available as a set or separately)

boxes with ornamentation made using the Hamlet chatter tool
Set comprising: Chatter Tool Blade,
1/4 Double Ended Round & Square Nose Ends,
1/4 Double Ended, Rolled Edge Skew,
1/8 Double Ended Parting Tool,
3/8 Long Nose Spindle Gouge, allen key and wallet
Chatter Tool Blade
1/4 Double Ended Round & Square Nose Ends
1/4 Double Ended, Rolled Edge Skew
1/8 Double Ended Parting Tool
3/8 Long Nose Spindle Gouge
Tool Handle and Chatter Blade

Technical Info.

The Chatter Tool is best used at a distance of about 2in from the work by drawing the radiused edge across the work surface in a smooth manner and at an even pace, with the lathe running at about 900 rpm. The results you obtain will vary according to a number of factors, these being;

1. The hardness of the wood. This tool works on most woods.
2. The speed of the lathe.
3. The speed of travel across the surface of the wood
4. The length of blade projection from the end of the tool. Start at about 19mm.
5. The distance of the tool rest from the work. Try 2in initially. Using an armrest is normally very successful, so if you have one try that too. If not get an arm rest!!

Only by practice will you discover how best this tool works on the wood you are using.

On lighter coloured woods the application of some colour with felt tip pens etc. increases the visible effect of the chatter pattern. If you use darker woods then infill the chatter with something lighter, such as gilt crème or even Tippex.

The other bits supplied are a joy to use in their intended way. The really useful small parting tool which does not waste a lot of wood. The skew is ideal for small work and would be really appreciated by those doing dolls house work. The scraper can be modified to the shape you find most useful. The square tool is ideal for hollowing small boxes and lids.

The gouge supplied is a full blown 3/8" gouge and works as beautifully as you would expect of such a tool.

This miniature tool kit comes complete with a wallet in which to keep the extra tools. All items are available separately.

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